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RockWorks 地理地質軟體​​


RockWorks 17 is the newest version of RockWare's flagship software program. RockWorks is the standard in the petroleum, environmental, geotechnical and mining industries for subsurface data visualization, with popular tools such as maps, logs, cross sections, fence diagrams, solid models and volumetrics.

RockWorks offers numerous options for analyzing your subsurface data, and accepts many different data types, such as stratigraphy, lithology, quantitative data, color intervals, fracture data and hydrology and aquifer data.

In addition to its impressive collection of existing capabilities, the latest RockWorks version has numerous new features, including dozens of Google™ Earth display tools (the "EarthApps"); coordinate and unit support for data, models, and graphics; enhanced cross section drawing tools; and much more.

RockWorks is extensively used in the following industries

  • Geotechnical
  • Environmental
  • Mining
  • Petroleum


RockWorks 17 是 Rockware 提供的最新版本。RockWorks 在環境、地質和採礦業都有最標準的流程,並可將數據視覺化,地圖、日誌、截面、柵欄圖、實體模型和體積測定都採用最新最實用的工具。

RockWorks 提供了眾多的選項,分析您的地下數據,並能接受處理許多不同的數據類型,如地層、岩性、定量數據、顏色間隔、斷裂含水層的數據和其他水文相關數據。

除了其令人印象深刻的現有能力,最新版本的 RockWorks 有許多新功能,其中包括數十名谷歌地球顯示工具(EarthApps);支持模型和圖形單元的協調和數據統整;增強斷面繪圖工具以及更多其他的新功能。

RockWorks 廣泛在下列行業中使用:

  • 地質工程
  • 環境工程
  • 礦業
  • 石油業