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With the Spotfire S+ statistical programming environment, you can quickly develop new algorithms backed by over 4,000 statistical functions. Statisticians and statistical programmers can apply, prototype and deploy statistical models and predictive analytics up to five times faster than with competing modeling environments. S+ is the only commercially-supported statistical analysis software that delivers a cross-platform IDE for the award-winning S programming language, the ability to analyze gigabyte class data sets on the desktop, and a package system for sharing, reusing and deploying analytics in the enterprise and validated environments. S+ also integrates with TIBCO Spotfire through TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services, enabling you to create powerful analytic applications which leverage the power of S+ and R's statistics combined with the interactive visualization of TIBCO Spotfire.

藉由 Spotfire S+ 的統計編程環境,您可以快速地使用超過 4,000 統計功能,適用於各式最新的統計法。統計人員和編程人員可以應用並發展建模環境使您更快速地操作模型和預測分析。S+ 是市面上唯一利用  S 程序設計語言並屢獲殊榮的跨平台 IDE,S+ 還集合了通過 TIBCO Spotfire 中的其他統計服務,使您能夠做一個交互式可視化的統計分析應用。