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SAG10 壓力和張力分析軟體


SAG10 Calculation Features:
  • Alcoa Graphic Method for Sag Tension Calculations for ACSR and Other Conductors
  • Sag and tension with creep
  • Elevated temperature creep
  • Inclined span calculation
  • Stringing sag calculation
  • Graphic output of galloping ellipses and sag curves
  • Offset clipping calculation
  • Clash module for calculating clearance between conductors and ADSS conductor
  • Galloping calculations
  • Ruling span variation calculations
Other SAG10 Features:
  • Create, save, and open project files
  • Create, edit and save custom loading tables
  • Automatic creep check
  • Easily create, save, and edit Custom conductor
  • Add attachments and supported loads to conductors