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Second Copy 自動備份軟體


Second Copy is packed with powerful features for most backup needs.  Please don't be fooled by Second Copy's simple interface.  

We kept it simple for the 90% of the people who don't like to worry about backups and are not so computer literate.  The basic interface provides all important functions to perform a reliable backup for them. However, there are many advanced features kept out of the way for advanced computer users, by avoiding clutter and complicated interface. These advanced features are well designed and documented. 

Second Copy 包含了許多強大的功能,對於大多數備份需求皆能滿足,不要因為 Second Copy 簡單的界面而小看他功能的齊全性! 

Second Copy 簡單的介面就算是不精通電腦的人也能夠輕鬆上手,基本的主畫面提供了所有重要的功能,用以執行可靠的備份,然而,也有許多先進的功能可以滿足高階使用者的需求,透過避免混亂和複雜的界面,這些先進的功能都是經過精心設計和記錄的,就算是在操作極為複雜的功能時,也不會因為畫面的繁雜而感到混亂。