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​​​​​​​​See5 / C5 資料探勘軟體 ​​​​see5c5.jpg
資料探勘是指從一個組織內既有的資料擷取一些有用的訊息出來。這些擷取出來的訊息可以幫忙我們解讀和更了解組織的內部運作和預測結果。See5/C5 是複雜的資料探勘工具軟體。

Data mining is all about extracting patterns from an organization's stored or warehoused data. These patterns can be used to gain insight into aspects of the organization's operations, and to predict outcomes for future situations as an aid to decision-making.

Patterns often concern the categories to which situations belong. For example, is a loan applicant creditworthy or not? Will a certain segment of the population ignore a mailout or respond to it? Will a process give high, medium, or low yield on a batch of raw material?

See5 (Windows Xp/Vista/7/8/10) and its Unix counterpart C5.0 are sophisticated data mining tools for discovering patterns that delineate categories, assembling them into classifiers, and using them to make predictions.

Some important features:

  • See5/C5.0 has been designed to analyze substantial databases containing thousands to millions of records and tens to hundreds of numeric, time, date, or nominal fields. See5/C5.0 also takes advantage of computers with up to eight cores in one or more CPUs (including Intel Hyper-Threading) to speed up the analysis.
  • To maximize interpretability, See5/C5.0 classifiers are expressed as decision trees or sets of if-then rules, forms that are generally easier to understand than neural networks.
  • See5/C5.0 is available for Windows Xp/Vista/7/8/10 and Linux.
  • See5/C5.0 is easy to use and does not presume any special knowledge of Statistics or Machine Learning (although these don't hurt, either!)
  • RuleQuest provides C source code so that classifiers constructed by See5/C5.0 can be embedded in your organization's own systems.​