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SentiVeillance 人臉辨識軟體​

SentiVeillance 是一臉部識別軟體並可協助移動追蹤視頻監控系統

SentiVeillance SDK 能做生物體面部識別和檢測實時視頻流,以高清晰數位監控攝像機拍攝移動的行人、車輛或其它物體的軟件。

可應用於執法、安全、考勤控制、訪客計數、流量監控等商業應用,允許用於 Microsoft Windows和Linux。

  • 實時人臉檢測,模板提取,針對監視列表數據庫。
  • 多張人臉或物體的實時視頻同時追蹤。
  • 運動目標檢測和並分類行人和車輛追蹤。
  • 性別分類,年齡評估,檢測臉部表情、眼鏡和面部毛髮。
  • 自動運行日誌和報告事件,以及自視頻流偵測新的面孔,並將它們添加到自動監視列表。​
  • 可作為一個支持多種編程語言多平台 SDK。
  • 合理的價格。

Face identification and movement tracking for video surveillance systems

SentiVeillance SDK is designed for developing software that performs biometric face identification and detects moving pedestrians or vehicles or other objects using live video streams from high-resolution digital surveillance cameras.

The SDK is used for passive identification – when passers-by do not make any efforts to be recognized. List of possible uses includes law enforcement, security, attendance control, visitor counting, traffic monitoring and other commercial applications.

Available as a software development kit that allows solution development for Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms.

Real time face detection, template extraction and matching against watchlist database.

Simultaneous tracking of multiple faces or objects in live video.

Advanced moving objects detection and classification for pedestrians and vehicle tracking.

Gender classification, age evaluation, detection of face expression, glasses and facial hair.

Automatic operation logs and reports events, as well as enrolls new faces from video stream and add them to watchlist automatically.

Large surveillance systems support by connecting several cameras to a computer and quick synchronization between networked computers.

Available as multiplatform SDK that supports multiple programming languages.

Reasonable prices, flexible licensing and free customer support.