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​ServiceKeeper Server伺服器調度和監控軟體​


ServiceKeeper is designed to provide peace of mind to server administrators by monitoring mission-critical applications.It maximizes your infrastructure availability by detecting failures, quickly performing recoveries and reporting it to administrators.With ServiceKeeper, servers will always be up and running therefore avoiding expensive downtime.


  • ServiceKeeper controls the status of your network devices, services and resources
  • Recovers failing critical applications using a variety of methods
  • Notifies downtime and errors via Email (SMTP and secured SMTP)、Windows messaging (Net Send)、Custom programs (pager, SMS, etc.)、Phone call       notification using computer-generated speech、SNMP traps、Custom scripts (VBScript)、HTML log (it allows remote access using any web browser)、Event log
  • Services scheduling
  • Statistics reports

ServiceKeeper 旨在通過監測任務關鍵型應用程式對伺服器管理員提供思想的安寧。它通過檢測失敗,快速執行恢復並報告給管理員最大化您基礎架構的可用性。與 ServiceKeeper,伺服器將總是被啟動並運行因此避免昂貴


  • ServiceKeeper 控制你的網路設備、 服務和資源的現狀
  • 使用各種方法恢復失敗的關鍵應用程式
  • 可透過Email、Windows messaging、Custom programs、Phone call notification using computer-generated speech、SNMP traps、Custom scripts、HTML log、Event log等通知停機時間和錯誤