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​​​​​​​​Shazam 經濟計量分析軟體 ​​​​shazam.jpg

SHAZAM is powerfully simple software for econometricians, statisticians, biometricians, sociometricians, psychometricians, politicometricians and all others who analyze data.
  • SHAZAM makes complex techniques simple so you can focus on the problem, not the mechanics
  • SHAZAM combines an easy to use Command Language with a Point-and-Click interface for reusable analysis
  • SHAZAM is reliable, peer reviewed software used worldwide for more than 30 years in Education, Research, Government and Industry
  • SHAZAM is well suited for numerous applications from the specification and estimation of complex models of economic behaviour to Monte Carlo simulation studies for assessing the statistical properties of test statistics
  • SHAZAM comes with fast, responsive and FREE technical support


  • SHAZAM can work with multiple datasets simultaneously - from those that are very small to those that are very large ( > 1GB)
  • SHAZAM is massively scalable - the amount of memory and the number of variables possible are limited only by what the computer will allow
  • SHAZAM is extremely precise - try our Quadruple Precision Mode
  • SHAZAM will solve even your largest and most complex systems of linear ornonlinear equations - with or without restrictions
  • SHAZAM is extensible through SHAZAM Procedures. ​