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Signal 資料獲取與分析系統


Signal is a sweep based data acquisition and analysis package. Its uses range from a simple storage oscilloscope to complex applications requiring stimulus generation, data capture, control of external equipment and custom analysis. This flexibility makes it ideal for a wide range of applications including transient capture, patch and voltage clamp, LTP studies and evoked response. 
  • Signal is simple to set up for data capture and analysis
  • Signal has the sampling and analysis features most researchers need, in a user-friendly environment. A built-in script language automates repetitive tasks and provides additional tools for custom analyses and applications.
  • Signal includes functions for specific application areas including dynamic clamp, whole cell and patch clamp electrophysiology and evoked response including control of magnetic and other stimulus devices.
  • Signal imports data recorded by many other systems, you can take advantage of this extremely versatile system to analyse existing data.
The powerful data capture and time-saving analysis functions of Signal together with one of the CED 1401 family of laboratory interfaces make an extremely flexible and cost effective addition to any laboratory.