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SimMet 質性分析軟體


SimMet® 是一個全面的軟件,可應用在質譜的代謝物數據分析,病有助於 LC-MS 數據處理、代謝物鑑定、量化和統計分析。 

SimMet® 能對 LC-MS 數據作峰檢測、峰搜集和保留時間。它使用戶能夠藉由 MS 數據識別代謝產物並做定量數據分析以及跨生物樣品的代謝物的微分分析。

單一 SimMet 平台就能夠完成你所有的分析,消除了管理和使用多種工具進行代謝研究的需要。所有的代謝物數據的分析,從 LC-MS 數據處理和隨後的峰鑑定到最後的統計分析,都可以在 SimMet 上使用。另外 SimMet 還提供了代謝響應曲線,以顯示在豐度不同的樣品中代謝物的變化。


SimMet® 被設計為能有效處理大量數據的軟件,用戶在單個項嗎中可以同時加載超過五十萬個掃描以及 50,000 個掃描出口分析結果。

SimMet® is a comprehensive software suite for mass spectrometry metabolite data analysis that facilitates LC-MS data processing, metabolite identification, quantification and statistical analysis. 

Overview of the Protocol​​​

SimMet® processes LC-MS data for peak detection, peak picking and retention time alignment. It enables users to identify metabolites using MS and MS/MS data in batch mode. It enables quantitative data analysis of identified metabolites as well as the differential analysis of metabolites across biological samples. 

Single Platform for All Your Analysis​​

SimMet's comprehensive platform eliminates the need for managing and using multiple tools for metabolite research. All the metabolite data analysis, from LC-MS data processing and subsequent peak identification to statistical analyses such as principal component analysis is available in a single workspace. Loading and score plot coupled with confidence ellipses (correlation loadings and Hotelling's T2 ellipses) are supported to help researchers in understanding the relationship between metabolites and samples. Metabolite response curves are also provided to display the change in abundance of metabolites in different samples. 

Manage Large Data Easily

SimMet® is engineered to handle massive volumes of data effectively, which are typical of mass spectrometry based metabolomics work flows. Users can load half a million scans in a single project as well as export analysis results of 50,000 scans at a time. All standard vendor formats are supported to seamlessly integrate qualitative and quantitative work flow solutions.