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SIMS 2000 感官品評軟體​




通過 SIMS (感官信息管理系統),這個過程是流線型的,它允許感覺,研發和市場研究專家集中就少力學,更多的分析和結果。

SIMS 是自動感知數據和市場研究的數據收集和分析當今最準確,最完整的解決方案。


  • 專為感官和高素質的專業人才
  • 簡單,直觀和有趣的使用
  • 100% 的 Windows 圖形界面
  • 描述,情感,歧視
  • 所有問卷類型
  • 實驗設計
  • 無限數據採集
  • 同時測試的數量不受限制
  • 所見即所得的問卷設計
  • 全面的多媒體功能
  • 感官數據倉庫
  • 自動 SAS 高級分析
  • 自動 JMP 高級分析
  • 自動 Excel 的高級分析
  • 廣泛的圖形和報表
  • 無線網絡和觸摸屏支持
  • 現場安裝和現場培訓
  • 100% 可靠的 Microsoft SQL Server 數據庫
  • 我們將自定義系統滿足您的需求
  • 滿意保證​
通過 SIMS,您可以測量任何感官屬性的特徵,如外觀,味道,質地和香氣。


使用  SIMS數據收集器,收集客戶在傳統的研究實驗室的設置,便攜筆記本電腦和掌上電腦和交互式多媒體信息亭的數據。

SIMS 基本和高級分析軟件給客戶適合直接包含在最終報告瞬時完成的報告。分析包括平均值,頻率,標準差,方差分析,平均分離,調整手段,多元,專家組成員比較,交叉表格,費舍爾精確檢驗,鄧肯測試,杜克測試,定位分析,前兩個底部兩箱分析,交叉表/子組, 和更多。全自動的測試數據可導出為 MS Excel 中,SAS,JMP,SPSS,迷彩理瓶,國家統計,CSV 文件,ASCII 文本數據分隔的文件,等等。

適用於 Windows  的版本10,8,7,XP,Vista 中,2008,2003,等等,這是 100% 可靠的 SQL Server 數據庫,SIMS 是一個完全靈活的方案與所有計算環境兼容。該系統的設計感官專業人員和測試人員,消費者營銷專家介紹,目前系統用戶,並通過感官計算機系統的軟件人才來實現。

Sensory characteristics are what attract and keep customers. 

But until now, identifying and quantifying those characteristics has been a time-intensive and labor-intensive process. 

With SIMS (The Sensory Information Management System), the process is streamlined, which allows Sensory, R&D, and Marketing Research experts to concentrate less on mechanics, and more on analysis and results. 

SIMS is the most accurate and complete solution for automating sensory data and marketing research data collection and analysis available today. 

Quality Control & Assurance in your Manufacturing Plants. 

  • Designed for Sensory & Quality Professionals 
  • Easy, intuitive, and fun to use 
  • 100% Windows Graphical Interface 
  • Descriptive, Affective, Discrimination 
  • All Questionnaire Types 
  • Experimental Designs 
  • Unlimited Data Collection 
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous tests 
  • WYSIWYG Questionnaire Design 
  • Full Multimedia Capabilities 
  • Sensory Data Warehouse 
  • Automatic SAS Advanced Analysis 
  • Automatic JMP Advanced Analysis 
  • Automatic Excel Advanced Analysis 
  • Extensive Graphics and Reports 
  • Wireless Network & Touch Screen Support 
  • On-Site Installation & On-Site Training 
  • 100% Reliable Microsoft SQL Server Database 
  • We will customize the system for your needs 
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed ​


With SIMS, you can measure any sensory attribute characteristic, such as APPEARANCE, FLAVOR, TEXTURE, and AROMA. 

The SIMS Designer package lets clients prepare questionnaires, experimental designs, rotation plans, and panelist setup and maintenance. 

Using SIMS Data Collector, clients collect data in traditional research lab settings, portable laptop and handheld computers, and interactive multimedia kiosks. 

SIMS Basic and Advanced Analysis packages give clients instantaneous finished reports suitable for immediate inclusion in final reports. Analysis includes Means, Frequencies, Standard Deviations, ANOVA, Mean Separations, Adjusted Means, Multivariate, Panelist Comparisons, Cross Tabulations, Fisher's Exact Tests, Duncan Tests, Tukey Tests, Positional Analysis, Top Two Bottom Two Box Analysis, Cross Tabs / Sub Groups, and more. Full automatic test data exporting available for MS Excel, SAS, JMP, SPSS, Camo Unscrambler, Statistica, CSV Files, ASCII text data delimited files, and more. 

Available for Windows versions 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, 2008, 2003, etc., and it's 100% reliable SQL Server database, SIMS is a completely flexible program compatible with all computing environments. The system has been designed by sensory professionals and testers, consumer marketing experts, the current system users, and implemented by the software professionals of Sensory Computer Systems.