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Ariel 文件傳輸軟體


Ariel 可以傳送電子影像至其他位於世界上的 Ariel 工作站;透過 FTP、電子郵件和轉換影像成 PDF 格式來使傳輸更為容易。

Ariel allows users to send electronic images to other Ariel workstations anywhere in the world, using either FTP or email, and converts the images to PDF files for easy delivery. It is faster and clearer than a fax, and even the most intricate images, including Elizabethan woodcuts, NASA photos and Asian manuscripts, easily transmit in full detail.
Used by institutions around the world, Ariel is the leading document transmission system in academia and enables librarians and information centers to excel in online document delivery.

Features include:

  • Scan and send grayscale and color images.
  • Print variable-resolution images on plain paper; up to 600 DPI.
  • Scan and print on letter, legal, journal, A3 or A4 paper sizes.
  • Convert TIFF files to PDF files and email to requesting patrons.
Ariel works on a wide range of printers and outperforms faxes in speed, quality, reliability and cost.