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​​PC-Crash 車輛碰撞軌跡模擬軟體



PC-Crash™ is a Windows™ collision & trajectory simulation tool that enables the accurate analysis of a wide variety of motor vehicle collisions and other incidents

Results are viewed as 3D-animations and detailed reports, tables and graphs.
PC-Crash™ has an innovative collision model that efficiently balances simplicity and accuracy in reconstructing vehicle collisions.
And the Collision Optimizer cuts hours off of your search for the best solution.

New Features

  • Use the Advanced Optimizer to solve more kinds of problems
  • Match scene photos to 3D scene data with Camera Position Optimization
  • Browse and download hundreds of crash tests through DSD ReconData


  • View your project from any angle in the 2D window, with UCS control
  • Save multiple 3D camera locations within your project
  • More transparency and 3D model recoloring options
  • Point cloud selection, triangulation, and simplification
  • Full vehicle FEA support
  • Multibody joint velocities for powered joints
  • Move vehicles together preserving impact alignment​