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​​Flo-2D 二維洪水災害模擬模式軟體


FLO-2D 由美國 FLO-2D 公司發展之二維洪水災害模擬模式,為美國聯邦急難管理署(FEMA)認可之二維模式,可用於都市淹水、洪水平原管理、工程風險設計、不規則形狀河道水理演算、橋樑涵洞水理演算與滯洪池水理演算,可以處理漫地流、都市水文,泥流及土石流。

FLO-2D is a flood routing model that simulates channel flow, unconfined overland flow and street flow over complex topography. Experience the diversity and complexity of the flood simulation details by adding rainfall, infiltration, sediment transport, buildings, levees, embankments, walls (wall collapse), dam breach, mudflows, storm drain, culverts, bridges, hydraulic structures and groundwater.  Rainfall, infiltration and most features can be spatially and temporally variable with historical rainfall events replicated with NEXRAD data.  The new FLO Pro model is the most comprehensive and affordable 2-D model in the world.

Choose between the Basic Model and the new Pro Model subscription service.  The Basic Model is absolutely free with unlimited nodes and a wealth of flood modeling features.  The Pro Model delivers flood routing diversity with added dam breach, sediment transport, mudflow, groundwater and storm drain components.  With the Pro Model annual subscription service ($995 US), you will receive the Pro Model, technical support, free training webinars, updates, newsletter and discount short courses.