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​Lisrel 結構方程模式軟體

LISREL 被公認為最為專業的結構方程建模 (Structural Equation Modeling,簡稱 SEM ) 分析工具。通過運用路徑圖 ( Path Diagram,又稱通徑圖 ) 直觀地構造結構模型是 LISREL 的一個重要特點。在 LISREL 中,新增針對複雜調查資料的統計模型並且在圖型繪製上更為容易。新版本特色如下:建構潛在曲線模型 ( Structured latent curve models )、順序尺度變數因素分析 ( Factor analysis of ordinal variables )、多層級資料一般線性模型 ( GLIMs ) 、觀察變數殘差 ( Observational residuals ) 、寫入參數、估計值、標準差估計與 PSF 可適性衡量 Writing parameter estimates, standard error estimates and measures of fit to a PSF、改良圖型使用者介面 ( GUI ) 。

During the last thirty eight years, the LISREL model, methods and software have become synonymous with structural equation modeling (SEM). SEM allows researchers in the social sciences, management sciences, behavioral sciences, biological sciences, educational sciences and other fields to empirically assess their theories. These theories are usually formulated as theoretical models for observed and latent (unobservable) variables. If data are collected for the observed variables of the theoretical model, the LISREL program can be used to fit the model to the data. 
Today, however, LISREL for Windows is no longer limited to SEM. The latest LISREL for Windows includes the following statistical applications. 
  • LISREL for structural equation modeling.
  • PRELIS for data manipulations and basic statistical analyses.
  • MULTILEV for hierarchical linear and non-linear modeling.
  • SURVEYGLIM for generalized linear modeling.
MAPGLIM for generalized linear modeling for multilevel data.