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The Geometer's Sketchpad 動態幾何系統

動態幾何系統 (THE GEOMETER'S SKETCHPAD) 是在視窗環境內幾何構圖的電腦輔助教學軟體,可以當作尺規作圖的電腦版,當然這不是其全部功能。此套系統在教學上能節省繪圖時間,並簡易地構造動態幾何。經由動態幾何圖形的變換及度量來描 述我們可以發現的一些幾何關係,有助於增強開放式的猜測與研究。

動態幾何系統軟體,不僅可由簡易尺 規作圖構造出複雜幾何圖形,更可對固定結構圖形作連續的變化。它也提供動態模擬、圖形變換及圖形改換時,長度、角度、比例、面積等度量 的功能。它更可對結構性作圖作巨集建構、文字說明,形成簡易操作鈕,提供使用者幾何學習的良好環境。

The Geometer's Sketchpad® is the world's leading software for teaching mathematics. Sketchpad® gives students at all levels—from third grade through college—a tangible, visual way to learn mathematics that increases their engagement, understanding, and achievement. Make math more meaningful and memorable using Sketchpad.

Elementary students can manipulate dynamic models of fractions, number lines, and geometric patterns. Middle school students can build their readiness for algebra by exploring ratio and proportion, rate of change, and functional relationships through numeric, tabular, and graphical representations. And high school students can use Sketchpad to construct and transform geometric shapes and functions—from linear to trigonometric—promoting deep understanding.

Sketchpad is the optimal tool for interactive whiteboards. Teachers can use it daily to illustrate and illuminate mathematical ideas. Classroom-tested activities are accompanied by presentation sketches and detailed teacher notes, which provide suggestions for use by teachers as a demonstration tool or for use by students in a computer lab or on laptops.