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Sonicfire pro 配樂製作軟體​


A New Landmark In Music Soundtrack Creation

Redesigned from the ground up, while carefully maintaining it's award-winning ease-of-use, Sonicfire® Proversion 6 represents a breakthrough in music customization for video and media creators.

  • Move individual beats to align with events in your video while keeping the integrity of your music track.
  • Change the instrument mix to connect to your audience – automated mix control.
  • Save hours of editing with our patented ability to customize the length of any music track – instantly.
  • Create alternate arrangement options, instantly,at any length.
  • Export multiple beat, bar, section and track options directly into the most popular NLEs (no plug-ins required) and cut your video for an instant fit upon track import.


完全依電影、影片剪輯者使用狀況重新設計的最新軟體,sonicfire pro 也認真維護,是個易於使用並屢獲殊榮的配樂編輯軟體,Sonicfire Pro 6 是音樂和視頻媒體創作的突破。


  • 移動並控制您的節拍並自動與影片事件對齊,同時也能保持您的音樂曲目完整性。
  • 改變樂器組合,並自動混音控制讓您的觀眾更能投入至影片中。
  • 透過專利功能編輯您的音樂曲目至任何長度。
  • 不管在任何瞬間或任何的影片都能創建交替排列選項。
  • 提供多項的音樂庫,讓您快速找到您需要的音樂風格,快速省去您的時間。