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Stat-200 統計套裝軟體​​


Stat/Transfer is designed to simplify the transfer of statistical data between different programs.

Manual transfer is not only time-consuming, it is error-prone. For those in possession of data sets with many variables, it represents a serious impediment to the use of more than one program.

Stat/Transfer removes this barrier by providing an extremely fast, reliable and automatic way to move data.

Stat/Transfer will automatically read statistical data in the internal format of one of the supported programs and will then transfer as much of the information as is present and appropriate to the internal format of another.

Stat/Transfer preserves all of the precision in your data, while automatically minimizing the size of your output data set. Stat/Transfer also allows control over the storage format of your output variables.

In addition to converting the formats of variables, Stat/Transfer also processes variable names, missing values, and value and variable labels automatically.

Stat/Transfer can save hours and even days of manual labor, while at the same time eliminating error. Furthermore, you gain this speed and accuracy without losing flexibility, since Stat/Transfer allows you to select just the variables and cases you want to transfer.

In addition to the standard graphical user interface, a command processor allows you to run a transfer in batch mode. This makes it straightforward to set up fully automatic batch procedures for repetitive tasks.

Stat/Transfer 能簡化不同程序之間統計數據的傳輸。


Stat/Transfer 能快速的刪除不必要的資料,並且自動又可靠的移動彙整多個資料。

STAT / Transfer 能自動讀取他所支援格式檔案的統計數據,讓您的資料正確地傳送至另一個格式,以便您做不同功能的統計計算。

STAT / Transfer 保留所有的數據的精度,同時自動最小化您的輸出數據集的大小。STAT / Transfer 還允許在你的輸出變量的存儲格式做控制。

除了轉換變量的格式,STAT / 轉換器還自動處理變量名,缺失值,和值和變量標籤。

STAT / 傳輸可以節省時間、體力甚至幾天的時間,而在同一時間消除錯誤。此外,你獲得這樣的速度和準確度又不失靈活性,因為STAT /傳輸允許您選擇轉移的某些變量和案例。