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​​​​​​​​StatsDirect 統計練習軟體 ​​​​statsdirect.jpg
StatsDirect 是一個統計套裝軟體針對生物醫學、公共衛生和一般醫療科學的使用而設計。

StatsDirect is a statistical software package designed for biomedical, public health, and general health science uses. The second generation of the software was reviewed in general medical and public health journals

StatsDirect's interface is menu driven and has editors for spreadsheet-like data and reports. The function library includes common medical statistical methdods that can be extended by users via an XML-based description that can embed calls to native StatsDirect numerical libraries, R scripts, or algorithms in any of the .NET languages (such as C#, VB.Net, J#, or F#).[3]

Common statistical misconceptions are challenged by the interface. For example, users can perform a chi-square test on a two-by-two table, but they are asked whether the data are from a cohort (perspective) or case-control (retrospective) study before delivering the result. Both processes produce a chi-square test result but more emphasis is put on the appropriate statistic for the inference, which is the odds ratio for retrospective studies and relative risk for prospective studies.[4]