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STELLA / ITHINK 動態系統思考軟體


​無論 STELLA 和 iThink 將會讓你快速創建一個可以模擬在一段時間內的系統圖。 在一個完全無風險的環境中工作,你可以測試用假設和政策干預來模擬,直到達到你所希望的結果。 發現你的系統隱藏的方面會導致意外的結果。 STELLA 和 iThink 將會還允許您創建一個可以很容易地分享您的系統、了解您的系統框圖之上的用戶界面,運行場景作為演示的一部分,並讓其他人用自己的政策組合進行試驗

STELLA 是教育和研究的領先的系統建模工具,在各級教育用來刺激學習科目,如經濟學,物理學,文學,微積分,化學,和公共政策。 STELLA 模型能夠讓你了解系統如何工作 - 什麼該去進入系統,這些投入如何影響系統,以及會產出什麼結果。

iThink 將會是較為常用的商務應用,例如,模擬和改進業務流程,更全面了解您的業務工作,並開發新的和令人興奮的商業戰略。 iThink 將會包括強大的通訊功能共享流程和問題之間的相互依存關係在企業內,並安全地探索潛在的改進。

Both STELLA and iThink allow you to quickly create system diagrams that can be simulated over time. Working in a completely risk-free environment, you can test hypotheses and policy interventions repeatedly until you achieve the outcomes desired. Discover hidden aspects of your system that lead to unexpected outcomes. STELLA and iThink also allow you to create a user interface on top of your system diagram that makes it easy to share your understanding of the system, run your scenarios as part of a presentation, and enable others to experiment with their own policy combinations.

STELLA is the leading systems modeling tool for education and research, used at all educational levels to stimulate learning for subjects such as economics, physics, literature, calculus, chemistry, and public policy. STELLA models allow you to communicate how a system works – what goes into the system, how those inputs impact the system, and what are the outcomes.

iThink is more commonly used for business applications, e.g., to simulate and improve business processes, understand the working of your business more holistically, and develop new and exciting business strategies. iThink includes strong communication features to share the interdependencies between processes and problems within your business, and to safely explore potential improvements.