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Stimulsoft Reports 報表編輯軟體



Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate 是為 .NET Framework 平台的 JavaScript,PHP,Java 和 Flex 的渲染報表的綜合解決方案。 該產品包括一套完整的工具來構建下的 WinForms,ASP.NET,Silverlight的,WPF 的 JavaScript 等環境報告。 顯示報告不同的報表查看器可用於本產品。 該產品具有強大的報表導出系統,該系統支持多種不同類型的格式。

Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate is a comprehensive solution for the .NET Framework platform, JavaScript, PHP, Java, and Flex to render reports. The product includes a complete set of tools to build reports under WinForms, ASP.NET, Silverlight, WPF, JavaScript etc environments. Different report viewers for displaying reports are available for this product. The product has powerful system of exporting reports, which supports many different types of formats.