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STRAD 決策分析軟體


STRAD 是一個革命性的且易於使用的套裝軟體。 STRADA 提供你快速彈性的支援,當你須要勾畫出艱難的決定,有著不確定性和快速變動的事件。

STRAD offers you fast, flexible support whenever you must chart a way through a tangle of tough decisions, while contending with daunting uncertainties and fast-moving events.

Developed in Britain, STRAD now has users in over 35 countries. These include managers in business and the public sector; planners and co-ordinators; consultants and policy support staff; and teachers and students in schools of management, planning and public policy.

Based on the principles of the Strategic Choice Approach, STRAD is a tool for helping people who are involved in processes of developmental decision making - processes in which every decision taken can be expected to influence the shape of the future choices to be made.

In such a process, your choice of strategy for managing uncertainty can be all-important. As research on group decision-making has demonstrated, your response to uncertainties about guiding values, and about the actions of other parties, can be just as crucial as your response to uncertainties about circumstances and trends.
What is unique about STRAD is that it enables you to respond to all these kinds of uncertainty in a dynamic and resource-effective way, building a firmer basis for future decisions while simultaneously agreeing how to act in important areas of choice that cannot wait.

Such features distinguish STRAD from those more familiar types of planning tool that are primarily concerned with the control or scheduling of ongoing operations, as well as from those that look primarily to the longer term.