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​​​​Svairflow 2D/3D空氣建模軟體​


SVAirFlow™ is designed for use by geotechnical / geoenvironmental engineers, geological engineers, and soil scientists. It can be used to model soil vapor extration and vapor infiltration in unsaturated soils. Saturation levels may be imported from SVFlux™. Air pressure or flow boundary conditions may specified as constants or free-form equations.


  • 1D, 2D and 3D solutions handle any type of modeling problem
  • Import pore-air pressure data from SVFlux™
  • Model air pressure and air flow in unsaturated soils
  • Fully automatic mesh generation and mesh refinement
  • Simple and powerful user interface allows rapid creation of effective models
  • Easily generate 3D models from 2D cross-sections, or slice 3D models into 2D cross-sections
  • Extensive QAQC program
  • Model customization through a powerful math scripting interface

SVAirFlow™ is currently being used by universities and consultants around the world. Feel free to contact us for more information.

SVAirFlow™ 為岩土/地質環境工程師和土壤科學家設計的。它可用於在非飽和土壤蒸汽提取及氣相滲透建模。飽和度計算可以從 SVFlux™ 引入。空氣壓力或流量邊界條件也可以被用做常數或自由形式的方程。


  • 1D、2D和3D解決方案,處理任何類型的建模問題
  • 從SVFlux™導入孔氣壓數據
  • 型號空氣壓力和氣流非飽和土壤模擬
  • 全自動網格生成和網格細化
  • 簡單而強大的用戶界面允許快速創建有效模式
  • 容易產生從2D橫截面的3D模型,或切片的3D模型為二維橫截面
  • 廣泛QAQC程序
  • 通過強大的數學腳本接口模型定制