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Symbol Factory 工業圖形軟體

Symbol Factory ActiveX 是一款 Active X 元件,內含超過4000個工業與製造業方面的動態顯示元件應用圖庫,可輕易使用於市售的 HMI 編輯軟體中。 

除了可以使用於一般的 HMI 編輯軟體外,還支援各種程式語言開發工具如:Visual Basic、Visual C++。
  • Two.NET 100% managed code User Control components that can be used with your Visual Studio.NET 2010, 2008 or 2005 projects written in VB.NET or C#.  
  • 8 free sample programs for Visual Studio.NET
  • Detailed product help file with Quick Start Guides
  • Detailed programmers reference
  • VS.NET 2008 and 2005  "How-To-Use" guides
  • Technical support by phone and email
  • Runtime free distribution rights-see license agreement for details 

After installation, the components automatically appear in your Visual Studio.NET toolbox as shown here.  Simply select the component you want and drag it onto your form, right click, and select Symbol Factory.NET properties and away you go

Standard Control - This powerful control is like a chameleon and is the heart of Symbol Factory.NET.  You can put as many instances of this control as you want on a form and each one can take on a different appearance and animations.  This unique architecture gives you the power of over 3,600 industrial graphics without the overhead of 3,600 unique controls. Incremental memory usage for each instance is tiny, making for efficient applications. Each control instance supports transparency so that you can put them on top of other controls or other .NET objects. more details...

Cutaway Control - The cutaway control is a utility control that is intended to help with doing fills or vertical progress indicators.  The cutaway can be placed on top of Symbol Factory.NET Standard Control components. more details...