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Textures 科學文章和教科書排版軟體


Publisher's Description

From Blue Sky Re​search: Textures is a programmable desktop publishing system for Macintosh. An interactive, integrated implementation of the TeX typesetting language, Textures is most commonly used for producing scientific articles and textbooks. Textures is also an extraordinary tool for fine typography, database and catalogue publishing and automated document production. TeX, the typesetting engine of Textures, is an extremely powerful, versatile, programmable typesetting language created by Stanford University's Donald Knuth. Especially designed to automatically reproduce the quality of fine handset type, TeX is equally at home whether it is typesetting complex math and scientific notation, processing thousands of pages of mailing labels, or producing complex, book-length or even multi-volume works. TeX is a markup language, like HTML, that adds tags to ordinary text to identify parts of the document's structure.