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​​TRANSYT 交通流量模擬軟體


Traffic Network and Isolated Intersection Study Tool 

TRL Software's next generation of signalised modelling software TRANSYT is used around the world for designing, modelling and optimising everything from individual isolated junctions to large and complex networks. 

Now TRANSYT 15 offers its worldwide users new levels of modelling tools. This next generation release has had many elements rewritten to make iteasier to use and faster to run. It also supports the latest operating systems and has additional tools that users require.

Highlights of TRANSYT 15

Following a large research project undertaken by TRL for Transport for London in 2012, TRANSYT 15 has been developed to use a newly derived pedestrian behaviour model. The model addresses  shortcomings in macroscopic models that have not modelled pedestrians who gap-accept, only modelling pedestrians who cross at the green man. The pedestrian behaviour at traffic signals modelling algorithm used within TRANSYT is used under licence from Transport for London.

Redesigned throughout to make it easier to use, TRANSYT 15 includes a long list of new functionality to allow engineers to make superior traffic engineering judgements.  Highlights include the new ability to lock stages between controllers, without adversely limiting the signal timing optimisers; multiple cycle times in the same optimised network, allowing alternative layouts to be evaluated within the one file; stage timing wheels to facilitate manual adjustments to timings; auto calculation of intergreens and traffic stream lengths from scaled network diagrams and auto-calculation of RR67 saturation flows.

Graphically too TRANSYT 15 has taken a huge leap forward with new 3D functionality. View delay and congestion in 3D mode; bring in 3D SketchUp buildings or terrain; save a 3D fly-through of the network and lots more!
To assist with tracking the changes through the modelling process, TRANSYT 15 has a logging system that generates a clear audit trail communicating all modelling changes to all parties involved in the process. This system can also be used to capture auditors’ comments or sign-off the model as approved.

For TRL’s many customers who use SCOOT, you can limit cycle times to SCOOT values.  Those using SCATS® will be equally pleased to know we have enhanced the SCATS import / export functionality further with features our customers have requested.

Available as optional add-ons, TRANSYT has the capability of optimising and coordinating traffic signals for microsimulation networks created using Aimsun and VISSIM.  The latest TRANSYT LINK add-ons feature support for PTV's VISSIM 7 and TSS's Aimsun 8.  More details can be found in the Links section of the website. 
TRANSYT 15 will run on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

TRANSYT plays a vital role in the adaptive signal product from TRL – TRANSYT Online, so all these new features will be exposed to TRANSYT Online users, via the shortly to be released TRANSYT Online 2, benefiting those customers and their operations.

A searchable electronic user guide is provided that will guide you through all aspects of the software and a large selection of library files are provided which act as 'building blocks' to speed up the time it takes to build models considerably.