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UltraEdit 文字程式編輯器


UltraEdit is a powerful disk-based text editor, programmer's editor, and hex editor that is used to edit HTML, PHP, javascript, Perl, C/C++, Python, and virtually any other coding/programming language. UltraEdit can handle and edit files in excess of 4 gigabytes. An industry award winning application, UltraEdit includes a free trial period so you can try all of the application's features before purchasing a license. 

UltraEdit supports 64-bit file handling (standard) on 32-bit Windows platforms (Windows XP and later).

  • Text editing features
  • Find and replace features
  • Programming/web development features
  • Advanced features
  • Hex editing features

UltraEdit 是一套功能強大建立在磁碟基礎上的文本編輯器、程式設計師的編輯器和用來編輯 HTML、PHP、JavaScript、Perl、C / C ++、Python 和幾乎任何其他編碼/編程語言十六進制的編輯器。

UltraEdit 可以處理和編輯總和超過 4 GB 的檔案。UltraEdit 提供您免費試用版,這樣您在購買許可證之前便能夠體驗和試用所有應用程式的功能。 


  • 文本編輯功能
  • 查找和取代功能
  • 編程/ Web開發功能
  • 進階功能
  • ​十六進制編輯功能