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​UltraSentry 資訊安全應用軟體

Digital safety and identity theft are serious risks for anyone using a computer to store data. UltraSentry secures that data by locking and encrypting your most sensitive files and folders for maximum protection, and then securely deleting any old or unwanted data so that it is physically and forensically unrecoverable.

Key Features

  • Digital Locker
    • Securely encrypt and lock any file or folder
    • Configure digital locker location​​

    • Access digital locker through Drop Center or Windows explorer integration
  • Drop Center: access UltraSentry from a convenient auto-hiding fly-out menu on your desktop
  • Lock (encrypt) files on an individual basis with unique passwords for portability or sharing with others
  • File shredder
    • Securely delete files and folders so that they are forensically unrecoverable
    • Configure deletion method and level
    • Shred files via Drop Center or Windows explorer integration
  • Clean browser histories, cookies, and temporary internet files instantly
  • Simplified, new interface and cleaning profile builder
  • Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 compatible​