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Virtual Serial Port Driver


Fully emulate real serial port create virtual COM port pairs

Virtual Serial Port Driver creates virtual serial ports and connects them in pairs via virtual null modem cable. Applications on both ends of the pair will be able to exchange data in such a way, that everything written to the first port will appear in the second one and backwards. 

All virtual serial ports work and behave exactly like real ones, emulating all their settings. You can create as many virtual port pairs as you want, so there will be no serial ports shortage and no additional hardware crowding your desk. 

Moreover, Eltima virtual serial port technology can be fully integrated into your own software (OEM license).

Virtual Serial Port Driver 能完全模擬一系列的真實端口,創建虛擬 COM port

Virtual Serial Port Driver 序創建虛擬串行端口並和虛擬空調製解調器電纜連接配對。雙終端應用程式將能夠以這樣的方式來交換數據,所有從第一端口寫入的資料將出現在第二個端口。


此外,Eltima 虛擬串口技術可以完全集成到自己的軟件。