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​​WAsP 風資源分析應用軟體

WAsP is a powerful – yet simple to use – PC software for estimating the annual energy production (AEP) from wind turbines and wind farms. It contains tools and models for all steps in the process from assessment of wind resource to the wind turbines AEP and can be used all over the world – in all kinds of terrain.

WAsP contains several physical models to describe the wind resources over different terrains and close to sheltering obstacles. In addition, WAsP contains a wake model for wind farm effects and a stability model for the average heat flux conditions. If the terrain is complex and steep, there is easy access to a state-of-the-art CFD model too. This is in line with our vision for WAsP: “Accurate AEP Anywhere”. 

The data used by WAsP for wind resource and AEP assessments has different sources. The wind-climatological input comes from wind measurements at a nearby meteorological mast or may be derived from mesoscale modelling results. The topographical description is derived directly from space shuttle elevation data or from other data sets, while the land cover description and nearby sheltering obstacles can be extracted from topographical maps, data bases or satellite imagery (Google Earth). 

The WAsP software comes complete with tools for wind data analysis, digital map construction and editing, and power curve editing. The software includes electronic help facilities and online documentation, as well as sample data and quick start tutorials. Users are supported by online forums and directly in case of software problems. We want to support accurate assessments of wind resources and AEP.