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WBS Schedule Pro 圖表編輯軟體


WBS Schedule Pro 是項項目管理軟體,可用來做 WBS 圖表規劃、網絡圖表設計、甘特圖和微軟計畫整合,並能再加上您需要的圖表規劃和管理項目工具 

透過 WBS Chart 來將複雜的資料分解成易於管理的圖形與表格,由上而下的創建項目的這種可視化的方式使得項目計劃能更全面。不管是多複雜的團隊計劃會議。WBS 圖表都能夠完美呈現,包括您的項目團隊、管理、客戶和主要利益相關者。 

您需要一個時間表找到關鍵路徑,需要創建項目任務的工作流程。使用 WBS 附表專業的網絡圖可以輕鬆地在你的項目中定義相關關係。單擊並拖動創建鏈接,定義計畫之間的邏輯和創建關鍵路徑。透過網路圖表,您就可以完美的完成相關任務!​


project management software with wbs charts for planning, network charts for scheduling plus the tools you need to plan and manage any project 

Use the WBS Chart in WBS Schedule Pro to brainstorm projects by breaking them down into manageable pieces. This visual way of creating projects using a Top-Down approach makes for more comprehensive project plans. Great for team planning sessions. WBS Charts are perfect for presenting your project to your team, management, clients and/or key stakeholders. 

You need a schedule, you need to see the Critical Path, you need to create the workflow for the tasks in your project. Use the Network Chart in WBS Schedule Pro to easily define the dependencies in your project. Click and drag to create links. Define the logic between tasks and create the Critical Path. Only then can you know the tasks that are vital to finishing your project on time!