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​​​​​​​​Winsteps 項目反應分析理論軟體 ​​​​winsteps0.jpg
Winsteps 可以建構 Rasch 測量理論模型。

Winsteps constructs Rasch measures from simple rectangular data sets, usually of persons and items. After initial familiarization, it is straightforward to use in combination with other software. Item types that can be combined in one analysis include dichotomous, multiple-choice, and multiple rating-scale and partial credit items. Paired comparisons and rank-order data can also be analyzed. Missing data is no problem. Winsteps is designed as a tool that facilitates exploration and communication. The structure of the items and persons can be examined in depth. Unexpected data points are identified and reported in numerous ways. Powerful diagnosis of multidimensionality through principal components analysis of residuals detects and quantifies substructures in the data. The working of rating scales can be examined thoroughly, and rating scales can be recoded and items regrouped to share rating scales as desired. Measures can be fixed (anchored) at pre-set values. Winsteps is intended for practitioners who must make practical and quick decisions along the path to constructing effective tests, and who must then communicate their results usefully to end users. The developers of Winsteps use the program daily in their own work, and are continually adding new features as a result of their own experience and feedback from users. Typical applications include educational tests, psychological assessments, attitude surveys, patient performance protocols, and calibrating adaptive-test item banks. Winsteps can process up to 1,000,000 persons, 30,000 items, and each item can have a rating scale of up to 255 categories. Training seminars are held regularly.