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Workflow LIMS 流程規劃軟體​​​​


Workflow Management

  • Implement project decision criteria
  • Automatically queue samples for screening
  • Sample registration with user defined meta-data
  • Workload management & scheduling
  • Capture data for audits and compliance
  • SOP & protocol enforcement
  • Shortened learning curve

By understanding how a laboratory's data is generated and processed, Core Informatics can customize its LIMS to fit the lab's pre-existing workflows. Core's users experience a shorter learning curve with its software because their processes remain the same, resulting in significant time and cost savings for their companies. In order to stay true to a lab's workflows, Core users can define their own meta-data using a variety of attributes such as images, files, or hyperlinks.

End-users can leverage Core's workflow management functionality to implement project decision criteria and automatically queue samples of interest for screening in secondary and tertiary screens. The queuing functionality of Core's workflow component also aids in managing analysis requests from other systems, balancing the requests, and automatically queuing the associated samples, instruments, and analysts. Users can manage workloads by analyst and instrument, as well as schedule samples for testing to increase workflow efficiency.

The workflow feature also captures security data such as electronic signatures and the changes made to documents for version control. It makes the system auditable and compliant to regulatory standards. The workflow component also allows SOPs and protocols to be enforced across the organization.



  • 實施項目判定標準
  • 自動排序樣本篩選
  • 用戶定義數據登記
  • 工作負載管理和調度
  • 對於審計和法規捕獲數據
  • SOP及協議執行
  • 縮短學習曲線

通過了解實驗室的數據是如何產生和處理的,Core Informatics 為客戶量身打造  LIMS 以符合實驗室的工作流程。Core 公司提供更好的用戶體驗,讓您花很少的時間就能操作,一致的操作流能顯著節省時間和成本。為了忠於實驗室的工作流程,Core 的用戶可以使用各種特色,如圖像、文件或超鏈接定義自己的數據。

終端用戶可以利用 Core 的工作流管理功能來實現項目決策標準,並在二級和三級屏幕篩選樣本。Core 的工作流程組件的排列功能,也有助於管理來自其他系統的分析、平衡要求,並自動排列相關的樣品、儀器和分析。用戶可以輕鬆管理工作負載,以及安排樣本化驗,以提高工作效率。​