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XLSReadWriteII 資料庫程式開發元件​​​​


Native access to Excel files. The user doesn't need to have Excel, or any other software installed.

XLSReadWriteII uses it's own memory manager that is optimized for storing cell values. This means that you can work with larger files. If your files still not will fit in memory, there is a Direct Read and Direct Write modes that let you process files on disc.

Stability. One of the major goals with XLSReadWriteII was to create a product that won't corrupt the Excel files and won't alter any data in the file. The engine that handles XLSX files is automatically built directly from the file format specifications with our special developed tool. This will ensure maximum compatibility.

No runtime fees for the component.

Full source code included.

We released the first version of XLSReadWrite in 1998. At that time it was the only component that could read and write Excel 97+ files. We are committed to have the leading Excel solution for Delphi in the future as well.

原始存取Excel檔—使用者不需要用到Excel 或其他任何安裝軟體。

XLSReadWriteII 使用它自己最佳化的儲存格值的記憶體管理,這表示您可以使用較大的檔案。如果您的檔案仍無法放入記憶體,也有直接讀取和寫入模式可讓您處理光碟中的檔案。

穩定性—其中一項XLSReadWriteI的主要目標是建立不會損毀的 Excel 檔案、也不會更動任何檔案中的資料的產品。該引擎處理XLSX檔案會自動直接內建的檔案格式規格與我們的特殊開發工具,確保最大穩定性。



我們於1998年發行了第一版的XLSReadWrite,它是當時唯一可以讀取及寫入 Excel 97+檔案的元件。我們也致力在未來領先擁有給Delphi 的Excel解決方案。