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ZWCAD 圖表物件軟體


​ZWCAD 高功率和主流 CAD 用戶所需的功能,有時甚至遠遠超過昂貴的選項。它從一個 AutoCAD 熟悉的,可自訂的環境,提供潔淨正確命令視窗,工具和調色板。​

ZWCAD Classic is a high-powered, affordable CAD solution from ZWSoft.  It comes fully loaded with modern features and unparalleled DWG compatibility -- at about 20% of the price of traditional CAD.  Proven globally in over 15 years across the manufacturing, A/E/C, and GIS industries, ZWCAD is trusted by over 320,000 users in over 80 countries.