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AI Trilogy 類神經網路發展系統

​AI Trilogy 是我們最受歡迎的商業和科學的人工智慧套裝軟體。AI Trilogy 中包含的 NeuroShell Predicto 和 NeuroShell ClassifierNeuroShell 神經網絡軟體和 GeneHunter 遺傳算法 (GA)。為了確保你能解決一些令人興奮的專案,如人工智能三部曲的問題,我們也拋出了運行時的 NeuroShell 服務器中去與預測和分類。您將有所有你需要建立一個令人興奮的人工智能中心貴公司的工具。你可以解決 AI 三部曲問題。

We are proud to announce the AI Trilogy™, a packaging of our most popular business and scientific artificial intelligence software. The AI Trilogy contains the NeuroShell Predictor and NeuroShell Classifier neural network software, and GeneHunter genetic algorithm (GA) software together as one package. To make sure you can solve some exciting combination projects like the AI Trilogy problem, we have also thrown in the NeuroShell Runtime Server to go with the Predictor and Classifier. You'll have all the tools you need to set up an exciting Artificial Intelligence Center at your company. You can solve the AI Trilogy Problem.
So what is the AI Trilogy problem?

Maybe you or someone in your company can relate to the following problem. Your company is formulating some mixture: maybe a drug, a bonding compound, an animal feed, foodstuff or beverage, plastic or other packaging material, cosmetic or perfume, lubricating compound, cleaning compound or solvent, paint, insecticide or herbicide, a manufactured item or process, or even problems such as marketing strategies. Your boss or your client has given you the job of finding the optimum mixture of components or process variables, the combination of components and processing methods that produces the best product (components are the percentages of each of the elements of the mixture and the process variables are factors in the building process such as temperature, cur​ing time, etc.).

Sound familiar? You don't even know how the various factors interrelate, much less how to discover the best ones. What do you do? We call this problem the "AI Trilogy" problem, and we believe it is becoming a very common problem in industry today! Fortunately it is quite easy and inexpensive to solve if you have the right tools and the "know how", both of which we provide.

So how does the AI Trilogy help you solve the AI Trilogy problem? There are two steps you need to accomplish: ​

  1. Model the process with the neural networks so that the interrelationships between the components and process variables are in the model.
  2. Use the model with GeneHunter to find those special combinations (among the vast number possible) that produce the kind of product your boss or clients want.​