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CBC Hierarchical Bayes ​Module ​(CBC/HB) 經濟計量分析軟體

CBC Hierarchical Bayes Module (CBC/HB) 在是用來估算 CBC 試驗中個別結果的工具。

CBC/HB is a tool for estimating individual-level results for CBC experiments. It may also be used for analyzing discrete choice data not designed or collected using Sawtooth Software’s tools. Because having individual-level utility data is so helpful for improving the general results of CBC studies, especially the validity of market simulators, most CBC users employ CBC/HB analysis. CBC/HB is included with your purchase of CBC for SSI Web V8 and later.

CBC/HB System:

  • Up to 1000 attributes or parameters per individual
  • Up to 1000 alternatives per choice task
  • Maximum of 1000 levels for any one attribute
  • Up to 1000 tasks per respondent
  • Effects-coding, dummy-coding, linear coding, or user-specified coding
  • Can impose utility (monotonicity) constraints
  • Can include first-order interactions
  • Supports chip-allocation, best-worst CBC, MaxDiff, dual-response None