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CBC Latent Class Module 潛在類別分析軟體

CBC Latent Class Module 在是用來發現反應者有類似偏好的工具。

The Latent Class Segmentation Module is a tool for discovering segments of respondents who tend to have similar preferences manifest within CBC (choice-based conjoint) data. Latent Class classifies respondents into different segments and estimates the part worth utilities for each segment. The results can be used within Sawtooth Software's standard market simulator. The software may also be used for analyzing discrete choice data not designed or collected using Sawtooth Software's tools. Latent Class is included with your purchase of CBC/Web for SSI Web V8 or later.


  • Up to 1000 attributes or parameters per individual
  • Up to 1000 alternatives per choice task
  • Maximum of 1000 levels for any one attribute
  • Up to 1000 tasks per respondent
  • Effects-coding, linear coding, or user-specified coding
  • Can impose utility (monotonicity) constraints
  • Can include first-order interactions
  • Supports chip-allocation, MaxDiff, dual-response None