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Impact Explorer 決策分析軟體

Impact Explorer 可以用來蒐集尚未知道結果的簡單資料,也可以用來針對辯論和討論。

Impact Explorer can be used for simple data gathering where the results are not displayed, or it can be used as a focus for debate and discussion. In the latter mode, you can identify disagreements amongst the participants, and then discuss them to gain a better understanding of the situation. Impact Explorer™ is designed to be flexible – you can use it for impromptu meetings, or for fully pre-prepared formal workshops. It can integrate with other tools like PowerPoint® and Decision Explorer® for seamless operation, and can use data from a variety of sources including disk and clipboard. It doesn't get in the way when facilitating a workshop – you do not have to remember to save results because it does that for you automatically. At the end of the workshop, you can generate a report with the results using Microsoft® Word or Excel, saving you time typing the data in again.

You can use Impact Explorer™ as a stand alone tool or you can use it with Banxia's Decision Explorer® software (an ideas mapping package). With Decision Explorer® as a public display a "map" of ideas about (for example) potential risk factors can be shown. The group works together with the easy to use electronic keypads to assess the impact and probability of any potential risk. The keypads that Impact Explorer™ uses are just like the ones you may have seen used on television shows for audience participation. The keypads allow you to quickly gather opinions from everyone involved in your meeting or event and to see how their thoughts about risk factors vary.


  • Up to 1,000 parameters per respondent, for unlimited respondents. 
  • Uses text-only, space-delimited input files ​