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LIMDEP Version 10 is an integrated statistical package for estimation and analysis of linear and nonlinear models, with cross section, time series and panel data. LIMDEP has long been a leader in the field of econometric and statistical analysis and has provided many recent innovations including cutting edge techniques in panel data analysis, frontier and efficiency estimation and discrete choice modeling. The collection of techniques and procedures for analyzing panel data is without parallel in any other statistical software package available anywhere. Recognized for years as the standard software for the estimation and manipulation of discrete and limited dependent variable models, LIMDEP 10 is now unsurpassed in the breadth and variety of its estimation tools.

The main feature of the package is a suite of more than 100 built-in estimators for all forms of the linear regression model, and stochastic frontier, discrete choice and limited dependent variable models, including models for binary, censored, truncated, survival, count, discrete and continuous variables and a variety of sample selection models. No other program offers a wider range of single and multiple equation linear and nonlinear models.

LIMDEP is a true state-of-the-art program that is used for teaching and research at thousands of universities, government agencies, research institutes, businesses and industries around the world.

NLOGIT Version 5 is an extension of LIMDEP that provides programs for estimation, model simulation and analysis of multinomial choice data, such as brand choice, transportation mode, and all manner of survey and market data in which consumers choose among a set of competing alternatives. NLOGIT has become the premier statistical package for estimation and simulation of multinomial logistic regression models.

NLOGIT 5 is a maximum likelihood estimator for, among other models, up to four level nested logit models. Many other formulations are included in NLOGIT, including random parameters (mixed logit), latent class, multinomial probit, many forms of the nested logit model, and several new formulations for panel data.

NLOGIT 5 includes all the features and capabilities of LIMDEP 10 plus NLOGIT’s maximum likelihood estimation programs. With the combination of LIMDEP and NLOGIT, NLOGIT 5 is the only large statistical software package for multinomial logistic regression that contains the full set of features of an integrated statistics and data analysis program.