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​Logical Decisions 決策分析軟體​


Logical Decision 對於難做的決策提供了創新的解決方案,它可以讓你同時評估很多變數的選項。

Logical Decisions provides innovative solutions for hard choices. Our state-of-the art software package -- Logical Decisions for Windows -- lets you evaluate choices by considering many variables at once, separating facts from value judgments, and explaining your choice to others.

Logical Decisions also provides consulting and training to help you get the most out of the software and to help you find creative and acceptable solutions to your most difficult decisions.

Logical Decisions version 7.2 now available!

The new version of Logical Decisions is now available. This new version features a revamped user interface and significant new features, including a facilitator that will guide you through Logical Decisions' many features and a new brainstorming window. All versions of Logical Decisions are now based on version 7.2, including the Group, Portfolio, and Student versions. We will continue to support Logical Decisions v6.2, but it will no longer be offering it for sale.