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​​MaxDiff 最大差異衡量軟體

MaxDiff 是一個獲得偏好、重要性分數的方法,諸如品牌偏好,品牌形象,產品的功能,廣告的權利要求,等等。雖然MaxDiff 有許多共同之處聯合分析,它是更容易使用的,適用於更廣泛的一種方法各種研究情況。 MaxDiff 也被稱為“最佳最差縮放”。 MaxDiff 是 SSI 的 Web 系統中的一個組成部分。它提供了你所需要的設計,。

MaxDiff is an approach for obtaining preference/importance scores for multiple items, such as brand preferences, brand images, product features, advertising claims, etc. Although MaxDiff shares much in common with conjoint analysis, it is easier to use and applicable to a wider variety of research situations. MaxDiff is also known as "best-worst scaling." MaxDiff is a component within the SSI Web system.  It provides you what you need to design, field, and perform basic analysis for MaxDiff studies.

MaxDiff System:

  • Two system sizes to choose from: up to 30 items / up to 500 items
  • Four methods of analysis: counting analysis; score estimation based on hierarchical Bayes (HB), Latent Class, or aggregate logit
  • Web-based, CAPI interviewing (devices not connected to the Internet), or paper-based
  • Includes comprehensive manual, with tutorial and examples
We also offer an additional web-based software service to assist with MaxDiff studies. The MaxDiff Analyzer is a web-based tool for performing additional analysis, including simulations and TURF:
  • Web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) analysis program
  • ​Automatically rescales MaxDiff scores computed under CBC/HB or MaxDiff system
  • Includes choice simulator and TURF program for designing optimal porfolios for reach