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​​Menu-Based Choice (MBC) 資料管理統計繪圖軟體

Menu-Based Choice (MBC) 是先進的離散選擇模型軟體。許多產品和服務,讓買家在眾多配置中的首選產品選項中進行選擇。例子包括餐廳的菜單,金融服務,保險方案,汽車購買,並選擇電話/互聯網/有線電視選項。

Menu-Based Choice (MBC) is advanced discrete choice modeling software for multi-check menu studies. Many products and services allow buyers to choose among a variety of options in configuring their preferred product. Examples include restaurant menus, financial services, insurance options, automobile purchases, and choice of telephony/internet/cable options. Menu-Based Choice studies are useful for studying mixed bundling, where buyers can select pre-designed bundles of items and also items a la carte. Includes logit and HB modules, plus simulations (including Excel simulation option).

Increasingly, stated preference choice projects involve Menu-Based Choice scenarios (MBC) where respondents can select one to multiple options from a menu. This is not surprising, given the fact that buyers commonly are allowed to customize products and services (mass customization). Examples include:
  • choosing options to put on an automobile
  • selections from a restaurant menu
  • banking options
  • configuring an insurance policy
  • purchasing bundled vs. a la carte services including mobile phones, internet, and cable.