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​​​​​​​​MLwiN 統計分析軟體 ​​​​mlwin.jpg
MLwiN 是一個針對多層次模型而設計的套裝軟體。

MLwiN is a software package for fitting multilevel models. An important feature of MLwiN is its graphical interfaces. These allow the user easily to set up, fit and manipulate models. There are windows for data manipulation, plotting, viewing the progress of iterations etc. Predictions from fitted models can be specified directly using standard statistical notation with direct links to various kinds of derived graphs, which are automatically updated as model parameters change. Likewise, posterior residual estimates and functions of them can be linked directly to graphs, for example for model diagnostics.
  • Multivariate models are simple to specify using a special input screen. Complex variance functions can be specified and the software will allow linear and non-linear modelling of variances as functions of explanatory variables with an interactive screen, which displays the resulting model in standard notation.
  • Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) Bayesian modelling is incorporated with detailed visual diagnostics. Parametric and non-parametric bootstrapping is available and an iterated bootstrap has been implemented for unbiased estimation with multilevel generalised linear models.