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​​​​​​​​MODDE 實驗設計軟體 ​​​​modde.jpg

MODDE 是一個最有效的實驗計劃軟體讓你可以達到產品和流程的效述和最佳化。

MODDE Pro is the most effective method you can find for achieving product and process efficiency and optimization. Created specifically to help scientists, engineers and statisticians understand complex processes and products, MODDE Pro is the only guide you need to reach a safe interpretation and evaluation when designing experiments. Its intuitive graphical interfaces and detailed data visualization combine to enable effective and accurate decisions.

Be confident in your design space

MODDE Pro supports the exploration of your Design Space and indicates the robust region, together with a probability statement. The complementary setpoint analysis gives you insight into every factor possibility.

Spot stability problems early

The Perfect Complementary Design in MODDE Pro will greatly reduce your workload in stability testing. You can start testing with all ingredients in a small subset, successively adding data sets to test all combinations. A problem component can be excluded immediately without affecting the balance of the analysis. You can then predict the stability of the remaining components to ensure that quality goals will be met.