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Spartan 化學繪圖軟體​​


Spartan Student Edition is a serious molecular modeling package for teaching, and learning, chemistry. Combining Spartan's easy-to-use graphical interface with a targeted set of computational engines, the Student Edition provides fundamental molecular modeling utilities supporting the Organic and Physical Chemistry curriculum. Spartan Student Edition is available for student purchase and is also available for academic lab licensing.

The latest Spartan'16 release continues our collaboration with Q-Chem, and provides a full range of computational models, spanning Molecular Mechanics, Semi-Empirical models, Hartree-Fock Molecular Orbital models, post-Hartree-Fock models including Density Functional and Moller Plesset approaches, as well as Thermochemistry recipes (including the new T1 procedure), and an assortment of Advanced Correlated approaches. Spartan'16 is used both in research and in academic lab environments.

Spartan'16 Parallel Suite provides all the features in Spartan'16, but adds: multi-core parallel processing for ab-initio, density functional, RI-MPT, and the G3(MP2) and T1 thermochemical recipes, the full SSPD and SMD data collections, and the ability to act as a computational server for other Spartan'16 licenses or the iSpartan molecular modeling app. The Spartan'16 Parallel Suite is the dominant version used in academic, government, and commercial research.​

Spartan Student Edition 分子建模軟體能協助進行教學和學習化學。學生版結合的易於使用的圖形界面和強大的計算引擎,提供基本的分子建模,有助於有機和物理化學課程。

最新發布 Spartan16 繼續與 Q-Chem 協作,並提供全方位的計算模型,包括:跨越分子力學、半經驗模型,Hartree-Fock分子軌道模型,post-Hartree-Fock 模型,密度泛函和 Moller Plesset 方法。

Spartan'16 Parallel Suite 除了提供 Spartan'16 的所有功能外,還增加了:多核並行處理計算密、度泛函、RI-MPT 以及 G3 (MP2) 和 T1 熱化學配方、 SSPD 和 SMD 數據的集合,更有利於政府、學術單位、商業做研究。