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​WMS 分水嶺模擬軟體

WMS 軟體是一個全方位3D立體曲面建模套裝軟體,在等高線製作、表面模型建構都有卓越的表現,Surfer大量地用於地形建模、地景視覺化、表面分析、等高線繪圖、網格繪製、體積測量等等,可在Microsoft Windows作業系統下運行。

The complete all-in-one watershed solution

  • GIS Tools
  • Web-based data acquisition tools
  • Terrain data import and editing tools
  • Automated watershed delineation & hydrologic modeling
  • Support for the most industry standard hydrologic models
  • Step-by-step hydrologic modeling wizard
  • Hydraulic modeling & floodplain mapping
  • Storm drain modeling
  • 2D (Distributed) Hydrology
  • Integration with FHWA hydraulic calculation software
  • Export WMS animations to GoogleTM Earth​

Automated watershed delineation & hydrologic modeling

  • Automatically delineate a watershed and sub-basins using digital terrain data
  • Automatically compute geometric basin data such as area, slope, mean elevation, maximum flow distance and more
  • With a small amount of input, compute hydrologic basin data such as time of concentration, curve number, and infiltration parameters
  • Industry standard equations for computing sub-basin lag times and times of concentration are included with WMS
  • Add any number of interior outlet points and let WMS subdivide the watershed automatically
  • Manipulate stream networks to represent man-made features or proposed changes to the watershed
  • Override derived basin boundaries to match your knowledge of the watershed

Support for most industry standard hydrologic models

  • A license of WMS Hydrology or greater includes an interface for the following industry standard hydrologic models:
  • HEC-1
  • TR-20
  • TR-55
  • Rational Method
  • OC (Orange County, California) Rational
  • OC Hydrographic
  • HSPF
  • National Streamflow Statistics
  • Convert and compare the results of a watershed developed for one model with any of the other models supported in WMS
  • Read and compare observed hydrographs with computed hydrographs