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Advanced Simulation Module (ASM) 市場模擬器分析軟體​

Advanced Simulation Module (ASM) 增強了 base market simulator (SMRT) 的能力;提供了產品最佳化的研究。 

The Advanced Simulation Module extends the capability of our base market simulator (SMRT) to offer product optimization searches. The optimization can be based on utility, share of preference, revenue, or profitability. 


  • Can analyze data from all three conjoint systems (CBC, ACA, CVA) 
  • Can analyze data from third-party conjoint applications (if organized in the text-based format supported by the ASM) 
  • Integrates seamlessly within the SMRT platform (existing market simulator) 
  • Search algorithms supported: exhaustive, hill-climbing, genetic algorithms, TURF ​