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Chart FX 圖表軟體​


Chart FX 8 協助您生成清晰美觀專業的圖表,最新的 Chart FX 8 包括規組件的集合,讓您數據可視化和並包含了業務分析。除了一些 bug 修復和改進,最新的 Chart FX 8 的 Service Pack 現在包括徑向儀表,水平和垂直線性儀表和數字面板,使開發人員能夠輕鬆地創建數字儀表板有更高的生產效率。 

除了價格和技術指標和互動繪製等一系列突出的功能,Chart FX 8 引入了其他指標如布林線、移動平均線和音量等組織嚴密的側欄。此外,卡, Kagi, Point Figure, Renko, 和 Three Line Break charts 也有提供。您可以自定您所需的功能更改 API 添加自己的技術指標。​​​

With the latest Chart FX 8 Service Pack release, Chart FX 8 now includes a collection of gauge components to expand your data visualization and business analysis options. Along with several bug fixes and enhancements, the latest Chart FX 8 Service Pack now includes radial gauges, horizontal and vertical linear gauges and digital panels, allowing developers to easily create digital dashboards with the same productivity, consistency and reliability found in Chart FX. 

Data Analysis

With an impressive array of price and technical indicators, and even interactive drawing features Chart FX 8 introduces a well-organized sidebar from where to access indicators such as Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages and Volume. In addition, Kagi, Point and Figure, Renko, and Three Line Break charts are provided as additional chart galleries. You can even customize and add your own technical indicators using Chart FX 8 powerful and intuitive API.