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​​Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC) 選擇聯合分析軟體

Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC) 是現在最普遍使用的 Conjoint 相關技巧。

Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC) is the most popular conjoint-related technique in use today. With this SSI Web component, respondents are shown multiple product concepts (and an optional "None" alternative) and are simply asked which one they would choose.

​Our CBC software is a component within our SSI Web suite of tools. It may be used for:
  1. Web-based interviewing
  2. CAPI interviewing (computers not connected to the Internet)
  3. Paper-based interviewing

Base System Features:

  • Up to 10 attributes (expandable with the Advanced Design Module)
  • Up to 15 levels per attribute, text and/or graphics (expandable with the Advanced Design Module)
  • Up to 16 product concepts per screen (expandable with the Advanced Design Module)
  • Experimental designer for CBC questionnaire construction
  • Test design module for assessing the relative efficiency of designs
  • Import/Export designs to/from other software programs
  • Traditional or dual-response "None"
  • Single choice, best-worst, or allocation (chip allocation)
  • Traditional or conditional price attribute
  • Built-in aggregate logit, latent class, and HB routines for estimating part-worth utilities for the population or pre-defined subgroups
  • Part-worth or linear continuous variable functions
  • Main effect and optional first-order interactions
  • SMRT software included, for conducting market simulations